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Escape Room



VR Escape Room for the first time in Slovakia

Find yourself with your team in avatar characters and blow it up together in space! The first Escape Room in virtual reality in Slovakia.


It's a unique adventurous expedition designed for friends, colleagues, families, for people who love team action and epic experiences and, of course, escape room lovers.


The EDEN Space Station sends an emergency signal, and you can be one of those who find out what's happened, execute a rescue mission and get back to Earth.

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How to do it?

The only option is a modern technology that will connect you to virtual reality with your intangible bodies - the avatars.

Everything starts in comfortable bag chairs. Animators will put special headsets on you and give you the last instructions.

In a moment, you find yourself at the edge of a galaxy on board EDEN space station. In a zero-gravity state, you meet your team, you are getting used to the new environment, and finding out that oxygen is slowly going down. From that moment on, everything is only in your hands and we can only wish you luck. One thing is for sure, you won't succeed without team cooperation.

Conditions for special unit:

  • skill
  • wit
  • urgency
  • high communication skills
  • teamwork
  • You have 1 hour to rescue
  • 2-4 people, 12+ years.
  • EN, CZ, SK

If you wish to start an adventure with your team, contact the VRBA base.

Alternatively, book the entire VR box for multiple virtual experiences.

The Escape Room in Bratislava can be found at Panenská 23 in the Old Town.

Price list

People Price
2 70€
3 105€
4 140€

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8K, 360°, stereoscopic recording.