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VR escape room first time in slovakia!

Find yourselves in bodies of avatars together with your team and blow it off in the space.
First escape room in virtual reality in Slovakia.



It is a unique adventurous expedition for friends, colleagues, family, for people who love teamwork and epic experiences and of course for the lovers of escape rooms.

The EDEN space station is sending out emergency signal and you can be the one who finds out what happened, handles the rescue mission and gets back to Earth.

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How to do it?

The only option is modern technology thanks to which you´ll be connected to your incorporial bodies in virtual reality – your avatars.

Everything begins in comfortable sitting bags. Our animators will give you special headset and you´ll get the last instructions.

Just in a moment you will find yourself on the edge of galaxy on EDEN space station. You will meet your team in zero gravity and you adapt yourself to a new environment where the oxygen is slowly missing. From this moment on it´s only in your hands and we can only wish you good luck. But one thing is sure. It won´t work without teamwork.

Conditions for a special force unit:
– handiness
– quick thinking
– readiness
– high communication skills
– teamwork
– you have one hour for rescue
– 2 to 4 people, 12+ years

If you wish to start an adventure together feel free to contact the VRBA base station.

Or you can eventually reserve the whole VR box for more virtual experiences.

You can find this escape room in Bratislava on the Panenská 23 street in Old Town.

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