VRBA – Virtual Reality Gin&Tonic Bar

The bar where you will find the perfect mix of things that will make you enjoy the fun. Experience virtual reality, taste mixed drinks, craft beer or our lemonade. Our bar is focused on Gin & Tonic. We have 20 kinds of gin that our bartenders like to talk about. At the same time, our animators will take care of you during virtual experiences.


Read about our unique approach

Virtual reality with us?

You don´t need to know a thing about virtual reality we will explain you everything and it doesn´t matter if you are 7 or 70 years old. We are taking care of our customers through the whole virtual experience. You can experience virtual reality in Bratislava which is fully accessible for everyone.

Virtual walks

Walk through the seabottom, realistic mountains, fly through the destinations in Google Earth, visit a museum or go deep into space.



Jump from a skyscraper, roller coaster, ultimate booster experience or the Everest.




Multiplayer and co-operation


Take at least two playing boxes and meet together in virtual reality and these action experiences will acquire a new dimension.




Let yourself to be surrounded by your favorite music and dodge colourful meteorites in beat of the rhythm. Ultimate game for a party or competition.





Competitive games


Games in which you can compete with your friends.


Team games


Train your problem solving as a team! In these games the person with VR headset has to actively communicate with other people so that you can together find a solution.


Games for kids


List of games which are just perfect for the kids.